Life Through a Gym

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Brothers and sisters, of Tumblr… It has been a while, i know this…. Where have i been?? Making all kinds of gains, all kinds!!!Current Stats;
BENCH - 142.5kg
SQUAT - 180kg
DEADLIFT - 220kg
Currently 94kg’s, on my way to the 110kg goal before i shred, for the first time!! EVERRRRR!!
So many people, have changed.. It’s amazing and i’m happy to see this new life you’re all started for yourselves! Lets just take a minute and reflect…………. Well done peeps!!



I need this shirt.

WOW, what a transformation; Keep going mydude, rewards are showing


1 Year Transformation

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Google the exercises you need. Remember, no diet= no results. Enjoy!

Blood shot eyes, from squatting heavy ass weights…. Love Kai

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