Life Through a Gym

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My ambition is to be in the next Superman movie, where Lois Lane will be squatting and I offer my spotting assistance… She will then to proceed faint at the sight of me and wake up comfortably placed on the squat rack to continue doing more squats..Next she will be in a taxi confused with no money to pay the fair, ill offer an alternative and promise to her that I will not leak her services unless she promises to make me climax….
Then when she threatens to sue, i will be say “remember when I said I wasn’t going to leak it?……………………………. I LIED!!”

actionispower asked: fuuuark strong progress no homo

Thanks brah! further progress has been made, check the space in a couple!

Stay shredded young padawan

Brothers and sisters, of Tumblr… It has been a while, i know this…. Where have i been?? Making all kinds of gains, all kinds!!!Current Stats;
BENCH - 142.5kg
SQUAT - 180kg
DEADLIFT - 220kg
Currently 94kg’s, on my way to the 110kg goal before i shred, for the first time!! EVERRRRR!!
So many people, have changed.. It’s amazing and i’m happy to see this new life you’re all started for yourselves! Lets just take a minute and reflect…………. Well done peeps!!



I need this shirt.

WOW, what a transformation; Keep going mydude, rewards are showing


1 Year Transformation

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Google the exercises you need. Remember, no diet= no results. Enjoy!

Blood shot eyes, from squatting heavy ass weights…. Love Kai

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Brahs & Brahettes!